Shreveport Woman's Football

Women's Football AssociationTalk about a footnote in history. One season and one win. That is all.

It really doesn’t get more succinct than that. The National Women’s Football Association was around for just a handful of seasons from 2000 to 2008. During that stretch the Shreveport Shockhers were part of the landscape for the 2006 campaign and exited following a 1-7 record.

And that is it. Based on the lack of information available on the Shockhers it truly feels as if they played in 1906, not 2006. The early part of the 20th century is littered with teams across all sports that played for just a fleeting moment in time. There is a difference though as those teams played against teams that are still around to this day or in leagues that are at the forefront of the sporting landscape. The same is not true for the Shockhers or the National Women’s Football Association.

There are a multitude of reasons why this is the case, but I’m going to keep things light here. Women’s professional football has yet to catch on across the country, but that isn’t to say there aren’t opportunities available for females to strap on the pads and step onto the gridiron. Those opportunities are just incredibly rare and underpublicized compared to just about everything else in our sporting landscape. It isn’t for lack of trying as we have seen a few iterations of women’s football, just none have stuck.

Ultimately as long as there is demand people will continue to work on ensuring the supply portion. And no one should be told what sport they can or can’t play due to their gender or any other factor.

It is a much bigger discussion than I am qualified to give on the development of tackle football at the female level, but the main factor is that there has to be desire from a consumer perspective. This will only go as far as the media, merchandise, and the fans will take it. It is all about generating that excitement from a social media perspective and the audience should begin to follow at some degree.

One facet of our sporting life that has given all leagues and sports free advertising is DFS. I mean in the summer of 2020 people were waking up at five in the morning on the east coast to watch Korean Baseball. Personally I only did it once or twice but for many others it became a way of life. Quite simply people needed to have a rooting, and financial, interest in something. It didn’t matter who was playing, what the teams were, or even if you knew anything about what you were watching other than that baseball is baseball.

The same is true with football and from a DFS standpoint nothing changes. Just pick the best players, create the best lineup, and count the cash. And guess what, somewhere along the way, you become a fan. It usually happens pretty quickly, but then you are hooked.

It makes me wonder, what if we had been able to set a DFS lineup that included players on the Shreveport Shockhers? Would they have played more than one season? Would they still be an active franchise? I’d like to think so and that would be better for everyone.